Joy Reid laughs hysterically after hearing the GOP’s new speaker plan

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A plan presented by the former president of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to end the weeks of their party struggles to agree on his successor caused a laugh MSNBC host joy reid on Tuesday.

According to the plan, according NBC News, McCarthy would get a second term as speaker, while Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a more right-wing lawmaker who nevertheless failed to muster enough votes to get the gavel, would become “assistant chair.”

Of the plan, presented three weeks since the speaker’s position was last filled, one Republican lawmaker told the outlet: “We’re desperate.”

After NBC reporter Ali Vitali informed Reid of McCarthy’s idea, the host of The ReidOut He couldn’t contain himself, laughing for a long period of time and throwing the show notes into the air.

Finally, Vitali said a source he spoke to made the comparison to Rep. Catherine Clark (D-MA) as the representative’s assistant speaker. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the previous Congress.

“Technically there is precedent for this,” Vitali said, “but there is also great Office “There’s a reference here to Dwight being the assistant regional manager, and I think that’s probably more appropriate.”

In fact, after House Democrats voted for Clark in November 2020, Pelosi would win the election for president on the first ballot. Pelosi created the position in 2018 after Democrats resoundingly won back the House in that year’s midterm elections, and in the following Congress she would win that vote for speaker, also on the first ballot.

“As your laughter suggests, this is probably not going to happen,” Vitali continued, “but it’s getting out and we’re just reporting the news here, Joy.”

The idea that House Republicans’ problems would be solved in part by having an assistant speaker (a role that had not been filled during McCarthy’s nine months in office) naturally attracted the attention of Republicans. plenty of allusions to the NBC comedy recurring gag.

“Assistant regional speaker,” as Chris Hayes, Reid’s colleague wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

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