Judd Apatow declared the Adapted Screenplay designation of Barbie “offensive”

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Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s situation barbie Screenplay remains a hot-button topic this week at this year’s Oscars, as does writer/director/producer Judd Apatow. tired now A Twitter post on Saturday addressed the ongoing conversation over the film’s “Adapted Screenplay” designation, calling it “offensive.”

earlier this weekThe writers wing of the academy has made it clear that barbie The competition would be Best Adapted Screenplay rather than Best Original Screenplay, due to the fact that Gerwig and Baumbach were working on an existing character when they wrote the film’s script. As we noted at the time, while this decision may seem a bit strange—barbie is quite different than any other form of media featuring the Barbie character to date, and not least because it is not based on “previously published material” it belongs to arguably the best original screenplay – it Is In line with previous decisions of the Academy. the LEGO movie Had to submit for Adapted in 2014, as it was adapted from an existing brand, while basically every sequel was nominated for a screenplay award (including sequels to original works). top Gun Or Before sunrise) have done so in the category, due to their adoption of existing characters.

However, what’s really interesting about Apatow’s tweet – and the general emotional reaction to the verdict last week – is that it suggests that there is a belief buried in everyone’s mind that the best adapted screenplay is somehow better than the best. There are fewer rewards. Original Screenplay; One implication is that, since the author in question has not come up with every single aspect of the story he has created, it is not as “original” as something that supposedly comes out of whole cloth. Which is a little silly: Gerwig and Baumbach’s barbie the script is undeniably creativeInventive, funny, etc., but it also exists in conversation with 60 years of history and the legacy of a character firmly entrenched in the public consciousness, and the script wouldn’t work the same way without those associations.

Interestingly, the Best Adapted/Best Original split has existed in some form since the first Academy Awards in 1929, with statues awarded for Best Writing (Original Story) and Best Writing (Adaptation). . The Academy merged and divided the categories in different ways for the first several years of the ceremony’s existence, eventually settling on the current duality in 1944, when Best Story (a holdover from the days of the studio system) and Best Original Screenplay were merged. It has been done. A single category went along with Best Adapted Screenplay. The result is that nearly every incarnation of the Oscars has, in some way or another, acknowledged that there are meaningful distinctions between “adapted” and “original” written work.

It also means, by, that barbieIts scripts will compete in different brackets at different awards shows this year; For example, the WGA has already accepted the script as original. (Luckily for tonight’s Golden Globes, they sidestepped the whole thing by only having a single screenplay category in the first place; barbie will compete against book adaptations poor things, oppenheimerAnd flower moon killeras well as the original past life And anatomy of fall,

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