Judge denies Trump’s request to postpone trial and consider change of venue in secret money case

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Judge Juan M. Merchán and former President Donald Trump.


A New York appeals court has denied donald trumpThe request to change the location of his next trial for secret money.

The former president’s lawyers had urged the court on Monday to postpone the trial so they could consider whether to change the venue, arguing that Trump cannot get a fair jury in New York.

But Associate Judge Lizbeth González quickly denied the motion to stop the trial after hearing arguments Monday, and there are no further arguments on the motion to change venue.

Trump’s lawyers had filed the petition in the state appeals court earlier that day, a week later. before his trial begins.

Trump’s lawyers also said they are filing a petition objecting to the silence order imposed by Judge Juan Merchán that prohibits Trump from speaking publicly about witnesses in the upcoming trial, as well as court staff and family members and the district attorney’s office. This was not discussed on Monday.

At Monday’s appeals court hearing, Trump attorney Emil Bove reviewed a poll and media study referenced in the former president’s earlier motion to Merchan to postpone based on prior publicity. to the trial. The judge has not ruled on that appeal.

“In terms of pretrial publicity in this county, this case is unique,” ​​Bove said.

Jury selection cannot proceed next week fairly in New York County, which is Manhattan, according to his investigation, Trump’s lawyer said, reiterating his request that the trial be delayed while his motion to change is resolved. of headquarters.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Chief of Appeals Steven Wu argued that it was too late for Trump’s lawyers to file this motion so close to the start of the trial. He said the proper process is for Trump to renew a change of venue request if it appears they cannot appoint a fair jury from New York County in the jury selection process.

The question, Wu said, was not what the Trump poll says, but whether jury selection can include 12 impartial jurors and alternates.

“Defendant has assumed throughout this argument that advertising here is inherently harmful. The facts do not bear it out,” Wu said. Wu said the articles are mostly “unbiased coverage” of the case and summarize the allegations. He maintained that a case of this type draws international attention.

Nothing in Trump’s filing suggests that New York County is exceptionally saturated with media coverage or that New Yorkers in the county are exceptionally incapable of fairness, Wu argued.

“The mere fact that jurors hear this case is not an indication of bias,” Wu said. “This is the defendant who comes to this argument with dirty hands, because the publicity is largely his.”

Jury selection will begin April 15 in the hush money trial.

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