Just one week away: Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden prepare for a possible government shutdown

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In the corridors of Washington, lawmakers are bracing themselves for the looming specter of a potential government shutdown in just one week’s time.


The administration under President Joe Biden has set in motion a series of directives, urging federal agencies to embark on preparations, while internal discord brews among congressional Republicans, who grapple with how to navigate the looming expiration of the current spending plan, scheduled for the stroke of midnight next Saturday. “Extremist House Republicans are inexorably propelling us towards a government shutdown,” lamented White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

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The Office of Management and Budget within the administration has counselled agencies to revise their shutdown strategies, which encompass decisions on which employees should be furloughed and which services ought to be curtailed.

Even in the eventuality of certain segments of the government being shuttered come the ensuing weekend, the essential functions shall remain unscathed, encompassing the realms of national defense, law enforcement, Social Security, and Medicare.

Simultaneously, some Republicans are lambasting a faction of their GOP colleagues for obstructing strategies aimed at averting a shutdown. They urge House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican hailing from California, to collaborate with Democrats on a spending plan that could successfully traverse the halls of Congress.

Just one week away: Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden prepare for a possible government shutdown

“We are currently contending with an array of complex maneuvers to secure 218 votes, all while facing the obstinacy of five Republicans who steadfastly refuse to participate,” expounded Representative Don Bacon, a Republican from Nebraska, during an appearance on MSNBC.”Let us squarely address this situation, diminish their sway, and initiate collaboration with the Democrats.” Donald Trump, a prominent figure within the Republican party and a leading candidate for the 2024 elections, has indirectly expressed support for the idea of a government shutdown, urging fellow GOP legislators to cease funding for legal actions directed at him. However, it should be underscored that such a desire remains unattainable; a shutdown would have no bearing on law enforcement. In the upper chamber, the Senate, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York disclosed that he is in discussions with his Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell, regarding their own strategy to circumvent a shutdown.

Given the quagmire in the House, Schumer indicated to CNN, “we may now have to take the lead.”

The recalcitrant cohort of conservatives, spearheaded by Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida, adamantly insists on deliberating a series of discrete spending bills rather than adopting interim measures to keep the government operational beyond the September 30th deadline. They are also fervently advocating for greater fiscal austerity, a stance that the Democratic-controlled Senate is poised to repudiate.

While they may be numerically inferior, the insurgent GOP faction possesses sufficient leverage to impede McCarthy’s designs, given the tenuous Republican majority in the House. Moreover, they wield enough influence to pose a credible threat to McCarthy’s leadership as the Speaker of the House.

McCarthy informed the press that members are diligently crafting a series of spending bills with the aim of ensuring the government’s continued operation.

“We currently have our members deeply involved, and with any luck, we will be ready to progress with these bills by Tuesday,” McCarthy confirmed.

The House, originally slated for a working session on Saturday, opted instead for a weekend respite, a decision that drew censure from President Biden and certain Democratic quarters.

“During the previous government shutdown, 800,000 Americans either faced furloughs or toiled without compensation,” President Biden remarked on the enigmatic X social media platform.”Nevertheless, I encourage you to enjoy your weekend.”

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