Kanye’s wife Bianca Sensori wears mini skirt to show off her butt

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Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori continues her eye-catching fashion choices. This time, the couple was seen with Bianca wearing a revealing mini skirt that exposed her entire butt.

Bianca Sensori wears a cute mini skirt

On Wednesday morning (March 20), he and Bianca were photographed leaving an establishment in Los Angeles. In the photos, which can be seen below, Ye is wearing a sweatshirt, baggy pants and big shoes. However, Bianca looks like she’s dressed for the beach. She’s wearing a silver bikini top and a very short matching mini skirt, which leaves nothing to the imagination when viewed from behind. The front-facing photos show that Bianca is wearing minimal underwear.

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Bianca’s family expressed concern

Bianca’s frequent outings with Ye reportedly worry her family. Earlier this month, sources close to Bianca’s family told daily Mail They don’t agree with her fashion choices or the news that Bianca wants to have a baby with Ye.

“His parents are very upset because they don’t recognize him,” the source said. daily Mail, “She won’t do it unless she’s controlled.”

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Check out photos of Ye’s wife Bianca Sensori wearing a mini skirt, exposing her butt, below.

See more of Bianca Censori in LA

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