Kate Middleton spotted “happy and healthy” at a farm shop with Prince William

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today I*sighs wearily* Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, appears to have been spotted near her home in Windsor. And if you’re a “pictures or it didn’t happen” person, sorry. Nobody took a picture.

but according to Sunlocal people saw Kate looked “happy, relaxed and healthy” on a visit to a farm shop with Prince William over the weekend. What’s notable – apart from several blurry and much-discussed car photos – is the first time Kate has appeared in public since her surgery on January 16.

“I was surprised to see him there after the rumors that were going on,” said one viewer. “Kate went shopping with William and she seemed happy and she looked well. The kids weren’t with them but that’s such a good sign that she was healthy enough to go to the shops.”

It’s great to hear that Kate is doing well, but commentators believe this appearance could cause more confusion.

Royal expert Tom Bower explains The Daily Mail Kate’s “presence shows there is nervousness in the palace,” adding that “as if the furor of last week had subsided, they allowed her to again raise all the questions about her health, which are private.” Must stay. His advisers apparently can’t decide what their strategy should be, or agree with Wales. If they continue like this – ducking and weaving – it will end badly. “

Meanwhile, biographer Phil Dampier says people may be wondering “what [Kate] She is healthy enough for the public to see, so why can’t we be told what is wrong with her?”

It doesn’t seem like Kate is in any rush to explain herself (too busy mastering the art of Photoshop), so guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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