Kate Middleton’s photo of Queen Elizabeth was also changed

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The Associated Press and several major international photo distribution agencies issued a notice last week on an unexpected image: a smiling Kate Middleton, celebrating Mother’s Day with her three children. The notice was issued after it became clear that the photo had been tampered with; The following day, an apology was issued via the Princess of Wales’s social media for her alleged Photoshop work.

Now it turns out that another photo, allegedly taken by Kensington Palace, if not Middleton herself, has also been photoshopped. A photo released to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 97th birthday in 2023 has come under scrutiny as media outlets and people on social media found clear signs of alteration, editing and manipulation.

The picture in question was released in April 2023. At the time, Kensington Palace reported that the photo had been taken by the Princess of Wales a year earlier, when the family was on a visit to Balmoral, one of the queen’s favorite homes. Also featured in the photo are Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, as well as grandchildren Mia, Lena, Lucas, Savannah, Isla, James and Lady Louise.

The Guardian’s Sunday paper, The Observer, noted several instances in which photos were digitally altered. It looks like Prince Louis, the Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales’s youngest child, has been moved back into the frame, and Zara Tindall’s daughter’s hair has been copied and pasted.

The outlet posed a question that sums it up well: “How could news agencies possibly protect their reputations if they did not respond to growing amateur claims last week that the image was not trustworthy?”

Megyn Kelly, Kate Middleton ("megyn kelly show," Getty Images)

In many ways, Kensington Palace is increasingly becoming a source of distrust, something that was unimaginable just a few weeks ago. Conspiracy theories about Middleton’s prolonged absence were already working at a steady pace; The release of the apparently altered photo on Mother’s Day added to their excitement.

The tampering of the Balmoral photo was also reported on Twitter/X, where users Le__Katrina wrote, “Did the late Queen ever pose with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren? It seems like not. This photo, taken by Kate Middleton, was edited in at least nine places. Now mass media is also reporting about it. A little thread.”

He then pointed out several inconsistencies and mistakes during the editing of the photo, some of which made it appear that some of the children were not actually in the photo.

At the center of the conversation surrounding Middleton and Kensington Palace is the broken trust between the royals and the public – a public that finances the monarchy’s existence through the Sovereign Grant. In 2023, this amount will reach £86.3 million, “of which £51.8 million funds the operating costs of official travel, property maintenance and The Sovereign’s home.”

The main question surrounding the edited photos and secrecy surrounding Middleton’s whereabouts and well-being is simply why? Why go to such great lengths to alter and manipulate images, and not address the speculation, confusion or concern with a video release or some kind of press conference?

It seems clear that the palace misjudged a public that has the time and interest to dig into conspiracy theories and uncover the truth, a public that has dealt with politicians insisting that the entire The election was stolen, and a world in which it’s surprisingly easy to pretend to have naked photos of one of our biggest pop stars.

Maybe the palace really didn’t think people would care enough about Middleton being out of the public eye for so long to question it, or maybe they just felt a need for the monarchy in general. Be relying on an outdated approach, reminiscent of earlier times when monarchies could rely on the public to buy the line they were being fed.

Either way, it’s clear there’s still some explaining to do.

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