Kate Middleton’s professional lookalike Heidi Egan denies being in farm stand video

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it was not me.

A Kate Middleton impersonator refused to introduce herself as the Princess of Wales when she was reportedly spotted at the Windsor Farms stand with Prince William this weekend.

“There has obviously been some speculation about whether Kate and William were in that footage and photographs,” Heidi Egan told the Mirror in an article published on Tuesday.

Kate Middleton lookalike Heidi Agan has denied being one of the people photographed at the Windsor Farms stand. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram
“There has obviously been some speculation about whether Kate and William were in that footage and photographs,” he told the Mirror on Tuesday. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram

“Actually, my own social media has gone crazy because people think it’s me, but I know it’s not.”

Agan further said that she was “at work at the time” and a nearby shopkeeper took the video and assured her that she was not going to walk with the Prince of Wales.

“I know that’s not me. I’m 100 percent confident that Kate Middleton and William are in that video,” she told the outlet.

“I know that’s not me. I 100 percent believe that Kate Middleton and William are in that video,” Agan said. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram
The professional doppelganger said she was at work when Middleton headed out to the Windsor farmers market this weekend. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram

Egan reassured fans that Middleton is “alive” and urged conspiracy theorists to stop spreading the rumors.

“It’s all gone too far now,” Agan added. “It started as a joke about where Kate is, but now it’s really turned into a drama, so it needs to stop.”

According to her Instagram page, Agan is “the UK’s most realistic Kate Middleton lookalike” and has professionally impersonated the future queen since 2012.

The Princess of Wales was spotted over the weekend for the first time since December. Sun
Egan noted that conspiracy theories regarding Middleton’s whereabouts have gone too far. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram

She also poked fun at the rumors swirling about Middleton’s whereabouts on Monday, posting a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Found her.” He is alright. #WhereIsKesketMiddleton #Lookalike.”

Middleton, 42, was reportedly spotted at a farm stand in Windsor with William, 41, last weekend, marking her first public outing since mysterious stomach surgery in January.

“I was surprised to see him there after the rumors that were going on,” a spy told the UK Sun. “Kate went shopping with William, and she seemed happy and she looked good.”

Agan has traveled the world impersonating the princess professionally. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram
She has been working as Middleton’s lookalike since 2012. KateMiddletonLookalike/Instagram

Another nearby shopper captured Middleton’s appearance on video, where she was seen walking quickly beside a smiling William.

After the sighting, a royal insider told The Post on Tuesday that the farm stand visit with Prince William “should hopefully be enough to drown out the outside noise about his recovery.”

Another source told the Telegraph that everyone can rest easy at last seeing her “happy, healthy and relaxed”.

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Middleton looked happy and healthy during a farm stand outing this weekend. getty images
She had raised concerns after she posted a doctored photo of herself on Mother’s Day last week. Prince of Wales/Kensington Palak/MEGA

Middleton’s rep previously told Page Six that she is doing well but that she won’t return to royal duties in person until after Easter.

However, her prolonged absence – as well as Prince William’s last-minute absence from a royal event earlier this month – sparked an onslaught of conspiracies about Middleton’s health and whereabouts.

Concerns were further heightened when Middleton shared a photo on British Mother’s Day with her three children — Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5 — that was heavily edited.

He had planned abdominal surgery in January. Sameer Hussain/WireImage
Middleton is not expected to return to her personal royal duties until after Easter. getty images

Several official photo agencies, including Reuters and the Associated Press, issued a “kill notice” on the image, forcing Middleton to admit in an official apology statement that it was a doctored photo.

Apart from two grainy paparazzi photos this month of her riding in a car and viewing a farm near Winsor, Middleton had not been seen in public since attending church services with her family in December.

William is carrying out his royal duties as usual without Middleton, although he has mentioned his name every so often without commenting on his health.

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