Kelly Clarkson denies criticizing Taylor Swift-Travis Kelsey romance

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A very famous and very rich woman once said, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” But Kelly Clarkson She’s denying she’s a hater after making some innocent comments about the NFL questionable coverage of Taylor Swift,travis kels Romance.

Clarkson took Instagram On Saturday, following reports that she had “criticized” the growing case, she wrote that she was just up for some football.

Kelly Clarkson.
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“Just a quick public service announcement for everyone, as this appears to be breaking news,” Clarkson wrote. “Don’t fall prey to clickbait, don’t fall prey to sleazy journalists who twist the facts. I’m not criticizing anyone’s romance.”

She added, “I’m all for romance. Yes romance. Did you all even see what I actually said on my show? I just said that when I tune in to watch football I’m all about football Want to see. That seems like a reasonable request. Okay, take it, and go cowboy!”

after Saturday night Live made fun of TNT’s coverage of the NFL, bowen yang was a guest at kelly clarkson showWhere Clarkson said she found the sketch “hilarious” – if not the real thing.

He said at the time, “Isn’t it funny that this is really taking over the NFL for people who like to watch sports now?” “It’s like you’re watching housewives While you’re watching.”

For the record, even Travis Kelce thinks the NFL”to overdo,” So Clarkson probably has a point. There’s no need to bring up housewives However, in this. They have done a lot.

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