Kim Kardashian Joins the Cast of ‘Delicate’: A Surprising Move for ‘American Horror Story’

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Emma Roberts in "American Horror Story: Delicate," the 12th edition of the franchise.
Emma Roberts in “American Horror Story: Delicate,” the 12th edition of the franchise.

“Exercising restraint” rarely enters the discourse surrounding “American Horror Story,” a series renowned for its penchant for visceral imagery and sadistic themes rather than genuine moments of terror. However, the 12th installment of the FX series, titled “Delicate,” departs from this norm, owing much of its tone to the classic horror film, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Renowned producer Ryan Murphy, known for tapping into his established “AHS” ensemble, introduces Emma Roberts as Anna Alcott, an up-and-coming film star grappling with infertility issues. She labels herself as “broken,” a term her husband, Dex (portrayed by Matt Czuchry), quickly corrects.

Yet, peculiar occurrences unfurl when Anna embarks on another round of IVF treatment, despite her doctor’s (played by Denis O’Hare) assurances of success this time. (Considering O’Hare’s association with the “Horror Story” franchise, anyone seeking his medical counsel might be wise to seek a second opinion.)

Adapting the novel “Delicate Condition,” writer-producer Halley Feiffer allows the narrative to breathe, a departure from the customary frenetic pace of “American Horror Story.” The story introduces an air of mystery surrounding Dex, whose first wife met an untimely demise, and a shadowy figure seemingly stalking Anna. Murphy’s influence becomes particularly evident in the noteworthy casting of Kim Kardashian as Anna’s publicist and confidante, embodying the producer’s preference for promotional appeal over performance. While Kardashian, despite her reality television origins, has hosted “Saturday Night Live” and amassed some acting credits, her portrayal here is surprisingly competent, possibly due to her familiarity with the milieu.

Kim Kardashian in "American Horror Story: Delicate
Kim Kardashian in “American Horror Story: Delicate

Following witches, sideshows, and haunted residences, “American Horror Story” takes a more conventional route, finding horror in everyday circumstances with a vulnerable protagonist. It’s worth noting that Anna lives a glamorous life, planning medical appointments around appearances on Andy Cohen’s talk show and discussing exclusive private schools before conceiving. Keeping tabs on the myriad iterations of this series has, frankly, felt burdensome at times, especially considering its inexplicable popularity despite its unsubtle storytelling.

“Delicate” may not entirely subvert this dynamic, but the premiere’s eerie qualities establish it as an intriguing introduction, sparking curiosity about what lies ahead, as Cohen might phrase it, compelling viewers to anticipate the unfolding narrative.

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