Liz Cheney blames Kevin McCarthy for Republican chaos in the House of Representatives

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Former representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said he wishes the chaos in the House GOP was “surprising” and blamed the ousted former president. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for the melee at Sunday’s game.

“What we’ve seen is really a result of the leadership decisions that Kevin McCarthy made after the 2020 election, and certainly after January 6,” Cheney said. cnn‘s Jake Tapper after he asked about the GOP “fiasco” on this weekend’s edition of the “State of the Union.”

He continued: “And looking the other way at the kind of attack on our democracy that we have seen from Donald Trump and his allies in the House, including Jim Jordan. Frankly, elevate those members, some of whom are white supremacists, some of whom are anti-Semitic, several of whom were directly involved in the attempt to seize power and overturn the election.”

Cheney – who once criticized the Republican Party leadership for allowing white nationalism – said it’s not a surprise to see those “empowered” Republicans, adding that “it’s really dangerous.”

His defeat of House Republicans comes after Rep. Jim JordanTrump’s (R-Ohio) bid for president dried up after three failed House votes last week.

His attempts to win the speaker’s gavel occurred when relatives of Jordan’s holdouts received several threats via text and voicemail.

Republicans seek to occupy the position of president keep going this week as they search for a candidate who would have to secure 217 votes from the 221-member House Republican conference.

Cheney, former vice chairman of the House committee that investigated the January 6, 2021 insurrection, went on to point out the extent to which political violence and threats have “raised their head once again,” stating that they certainly should never have happened. be part of the process. the politics of the country.

Tapper later asked Cheney, a harsh critic of donald trumpif he attributes the threats of violence to the former president.

“I think it would certainly have to be traced back – in its modern version – to Donald Trump,” he responded.

“And now we know, frankly, because of the lie, we know that the lie about the elections, we know that telling people that they have to use violence to take back their country, we know that that lie was very effective in provoking violence. And this has not stopped.”

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