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“The administrative state undermined Mr. Trump’s first term and undermined my tenure as Britain’s prime minister, forcing me to leave office after 49 days,” she writes in the Wall Street Journal.

“I figured I could push the agenda I was elected for. How wrong I was. The opaque British bureaucratic state undermined the reforms I proposed, and their American counterparts will have Trump in their sights if he emerges victorious in November. The deep state will try to weaken him even more than in his first term.”

Truss was removed from office by her own party after her mini-budget caused economic turmoil and rattled markets. in his bookTruss maintains that the UK Treasury, the Bank of England and its Office for Budget Responsibility engaged in a “sustained whispering campaign” against her tax-cutting policies.


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In this context, he warns, conservatives need “a concerted plan to dismantle the deep state, which seeks its own self-preservation.”

This is not the first time Truss has flirted with American-style populism. In FebruaryTruss spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, where she mocked “conservatives in name only” and called out Republicans “who are not going to give in to the establishment.”

The former prime minister He also attracted attention in the UK when he appeared alongside former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. She supported Trump’s return to power on Monday, saying he “has to”won and argued that “the world was safer” when he was in charge.

Truss is traveling to the US to promote the US edition of her book later this week. That tour includes a speech before the Heritage Foundation conservative think tank on April 22.

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