Long Beach Police Chief Releases Statement Regarding Fight, Riot at The Pike Outlets

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The Long Beach Police Department released a statement following Friday’s incident. riots and violence at The Pike Outlets.

Chief Wally Hebeish says officers were aware of the big meeting well in advance and were adequately prepared for any problems.

“Hundreds of young people came to The Pike as part of a viral gathering on social media,” Hebeish said in a post on the Long Beach Police Department Instagram Page. “Our officers were prepared and extremely visible throughout downtown.”

Hebeish adds that authorities declared a stage two tactical alert, allowing the police department to ensure it was adequately staffed for the meeting by adjusting officers’ work hours on Saturday.

The chaos began Saturday afternoon at The Pike Outlets. Video obtained by the OC Hawk correspondent service shows two women in a fist fight. There was a large group of teenagers surrounding the two women as the fight continued, and many were seen recording the confrontation on their phones.

“At one point, a fight broke out,” Hebeish said. “And officers immediately intervened by running into a large crowd, taking control of the situation and arresting the two suspects involved.

The two suspects in the fight are described only as an adult woman and a minor. Once the commotion died down, the owners of The Pike Outlets and the mall’s retailers opted to close early to avoid further incidents.

The mall closed around 6pm on Saturday and guests were asked to leave. Officers announced that anyone who did not comply would be arrested. Hebeish was happy with the way officers handled the situation.

“I am incredibly proud of the efforts of our officers. [Saturday]”Hebeish added. “I want to reiterate that the Long Beach Police Department will not tolerate criminal acts or violence in our community.”

Moments after the fight broke out between the two women, a young man was shot near The Pike Outlets. Officers found the boy nearby on The Promenade with a gunshot wound to his lower body. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was in stable condition.

Long Beach Residents have spoken out after a wave of violence has recently hit the community, where multiple shootings have occurred in recent weeks.

a man was fatally stabbed at Dave’s Hot Chicken restaurant in the Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach earlier this month.

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