Long Beach police close The Pike Outlets after fights between large group of youths

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The Long Beach Police Department coordinated with stores at The Pike Outlets to close early following a large disturbance and multiple fights between youths on Saturday.

There were reports that approximately 200 young people gathered at the Long Beach Mall for a gathering after a social media post promoting the event went viral. Long Beach police apparently learned of the meeting and had officers stationed near the property.

Video obtained by the OC Hawk correspondent service shows two girls getting into a fistfight. There was a large group of teenagers surrounding the two girls as the fight continued, and many were seen recording the confrontation on their phones.

Officers eventually intervened and dispersed the crowd while arresting the two girls involved. A handful of police officers remained on scene to patrol the area. Police reportedly took a bus to The Pike Outlets in case there were a large number of minors detained.

The owners of The Pike Outlets and store owners opted to close the stores early in response to the incident. The mall closed around 6pm on Saturday and guests were asked to leave. Officers announced that anyone who did not comply would be arrested.

“Attention to the area, the property is now closed by management,” Long Beach police said in a statement. “Anyone remaining in the area within 10 minutes will be arrested for trespassing.”

Long Beach Residents have spoken out after a wave of violence has hit the community recently. On Saturday, a shooting occurred in a busy area, but no one was injured.

The non-impact shooting occurred a few blocks from where Food truck vendor nearly stabbed to death while defending an elderly woman who was assaulted on March 11.

Just eight days before the stabbing, another man, who had allegedly gotten into an argument while defending a group of people, was murdered. fatally stabbed at Dave’s Hot Chicken restaurant in the Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach.

The suspect in that stabbing was arrested days later at LAX, police confirmed; Since then, the restaurant began closing earlier every night.

The two women arrested in the fight at the points of sale were only identified as an adult woman and a minor. It is unclear what initially sparked the fight.

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