Lori Lightfoot Hired to Investigate Dolton IL Mayor Tiffany Henyard

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DOLTON, Ill. (WLS) — The former mayor of Chicago now has a front-row seat in the functioning of a much smaller municipal government.

Less than a year into public office, the former federal prosecutor-turned-mayor will now be a paid investigator probing the details of Dolton’s multimillion-dollar deficit and Mayor Tiffany Henyard’s alleged misdeeds.

“I bring experience leading investigations of this type and understand the complex challenges of governing. I will follow the facts wherever they lead, without bias, and reserve comment until the job is complete,” Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot’s to-do list is long, including pursuing millions in unpaid Dolton bills and a lavish village-funded trip to Las Vegas for Henyard, some trustees and village employees last year.

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“All allegations of misconduct and all internal investigations, if any, along with any violations of federal and state village laws,” said Dolton Trustee Jason House.

But your investigation could be hampered before it even begins. Henyard, who was not present at Monday night’s meeting, has the power to veto Lightfoot’s appointment.

“It’s obvious that there will be a veto, but we have the majority, but the four of us have the majority,” said Kenya Belcher, a member of Dolton’s board of directors. “We are bleeding right now, and the bleeding leads to death, the death of a community, and we have to stop it.”

Frustrated and financially strapped Dolton taxpayers have questions about this $400 an hour investigation with name recognition.

“We just want to know that once we get what we’re looking for, what happens next?” one speaker asked.

“At the end of the day, I haven’t gotten results from simple FOIA, so how are you going to be different?” said another speaker.

“I’m a very determined person,” Lightfoot responded. “It is my sincerest hope that Mayor Henyard will cooperate voluntarily, but if he does not, we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to get to the facts.”

But whatever Lightfoot finds, the former prosecutor lacks the authority to provide anything more than information.

Lightfoot issued a statement after speaking at the meeting, saying: “I am honored that the Village of Dolton Board of Directors has placed its trust in me to conduct a thorough and timely independent investigation into the matters outlined in the resolution regarding Mayor Tiffany Henyard and her administration. As someone who has done of good government the cornerstone Throughout my career in public service, I recognize that it is essential to maintain the trust of those I serve and make decisions in their best interests. The residents of Dolton deserve nothing less than a government that be fully accountable, responsive, transparent and effective steward of your taxpayer dollars. As an attorney, former federal prosecutor and mayor, I bring experience leading investigations of this type and understand the complex challenges of governing. I will follow the facts until where they lead, without bias, and will reserve comment until the work is completed.At the conclusion of this investigation, I will provide an evaluation of the findings and recommendations. “I welcome and urge the full cooperation of Mayor Henyard, her staff, village administrators, vendors, and others who have information relevant to this investigation.”

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