Lululemon hits back at founder for DEI program comments

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Lululemon Chip Wilson, founder and former CEO, caused a stir this week when she made comments about the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion program.

Wilson told Forbes he was unhappy with Lululemon’s “whole diversity and inclusion thing” in the apparel brand he founded in 1998 and in which he owns an 8 percent stake.

He also commented that the actors in the Lululemon commercials were “unhealthy,” “sick” and “not inspiring,” before saying “You have to be clear that you don’t want some customers coming in.”

The company has distanced itself from its former leader, telling CNN in a statement that Wilson does not speak for the company and his views do not align with the brand’s values ​​and beliefs.

As Axios reports, companies’ opinions on DEI programs have changed; Some have begun to push back against corporate diversity groups, describing them largely as “window dressing”.

Others, like Lululemon, stand by their diversity, equality and inclusion programs.

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