Major Celebrity Set for WWE WrestleMania Return

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UPDATE 4/7/24, 6:30 PM EST: Fightful later reported that in addition to the appearance announcement, Snoop Dogg was planned for commentary during the Philadelphia Street Fight between The Final Testament and The Pride.


The first night of WWE WrestleMania 40 featured a number of celebrities, from Lil Wayne to Jason Kelce, and it looks like Night 2 will include celebrity appearances as well. According to Fightful Select, WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg may be in attendance, as he is internally listed for the event. The outlet reports that Snoop Dogg is set to announce the night’s appearance.

Snoop Dogg was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, but he had previously appeared on “AEW Dynamite”, which reportedly brought him some fame within WWE at the time. However, the ill will between the Hall of Famer and the company did not seem to last long, as Snoop co-hosted WrestleMania 39 with The Miz. He made the most of his time on the program, even appearing with Rey Mysterio during his entrance in honor of the late Eddie Guerrero.


Snoop was praised for his quick thinking during Mania 39; The rapper initially arranged a match between Miz and the returning Shane McMahon, but the match went haywire from the start when McMahon promptly tore his quad. As McMahon was being taken out, Snoop Dogg took over the match, performing the “Snoop Elbow” on Miz and pinning him for the win.

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