Man arrested for most ridiculous way of trying to board a plane

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This boarding bypass will not fly.

A Texas man has been arrested on felony charges of using a photo of a fellow passenger’s boarding pass to surreptitiously board a flight that departed from Salt Lake City, Utah, on Sunday.

The passenger admitted he “made a mistake” and was “just trying to get home,” according to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Utah.

The person committed the heavenly robbery. getty images

The perpetrator, 26-year-old Wycliffe Fleurizard, allegedly boarded a Delta Flight bound for Austin, Texas, using a photo of an unaccompanied female minor’s boarding pass.

The gate breaker had allegedly clicked a photo of the said ticket – which was bought by her father – while she was not looking.

Airport security footage shows George, a Texas native, quietly snapping photos of his fellow passengers’ tickets near the boarding area before using them to board the plane, KTLA reports.

Delta gate agents reportedly became suspicious when the said minor tried to board the plane, after which their systems showed that she was already on board.

Meanwhile, the flight attendant noted that Fleurizard had also begun to behave strangely once on the plane, possibly in an attempt to hide that he did not have a seat.

The Texan reportedly spent excessive time in the toilet while other passengers boarded. After all the passengers were seated and the door was secured he went to the toilet.

Flight attendants became suspicious after a passenger spent an excessive amount of time in the toilet while the plane was taxiing on the tarmac. AP

When the flight attendant encountered the disoriented passenger, the impersonator pointed to his supposed seat, but it was already occupied.

Crew members later discovered that Flurrizard did not have a valid ticket, causing the plane to return to the gate, where he was met by local authorities.

He reportedly told them he was on a snowboarding trip in Park City, Utah, and was trying to get home to visit relatives visiting from Florida.

Flurizard was reportedly using “Buddy Passes” to fly with Southwest Airlines – discounted standby tickets airline employees can share with friends and family.

However, after being rejected from two overbooked flights, the Sky Scammer left the boarding area and went to the Delta gate.

He faced a federal charge of derailment due to an ill-advised air-conditioner on an airplane.

In a statement, a Delta spokesperson said they are “cooperating with law enforcement and relevant federal agencies in connection with the investigation of the bootleg boarding pass incident.”

“We defer any additional questions to law enforcement,” he said.

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