Marvel actor Jonathan Majors’ accuser expected to be arrested Wednesday

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Grace Jabbari, center, shows no apparent injuries, just eight minutes after Manhattan prosecutors charged Marvel actor Jonathan Majors with breaking a finger on his right hand and biting his right ear during an altercation in March.
Insider/Manhattan Criminal Court

  • Grace Jabbari accused Marvel actor Jonathan Majors of assaulting her in March 2023.
  • Jabbari, his ex-wife, is expected to be charged with rape in Major’s cross-complaint against him on Wednesday.
  • But prosecutors told the choreographer they would drop NYPD charges, Insider has learned.

The choreographer’s ex-girlfriend, who accused Jonathan Majors of misdemeanor domestic violence in March 2023, is expected to surrender to the NYPD on Wednesday. a misdemeanor assault charge Multiple sources have confirmed to Insider that the Marvel actor has taken this step against him.

Majors’ recent allegations against 30-year-old Grace Jabbari, and Jabbari’s original case against the Majors, both stemming from their midnight brawl on a Chinatown, Manhattan, street corner in March.

Jabbari has accused the NYPD and Manhattan prosecutors that during the fight, Major bent and broke his finger, and slapped him on the head, causing blood from his ear.

major later The June police complaint countered that Jabbari was the attacker., and video from the sidewalk and nightclub shows that he was not injured in the hours following the brawl. big companies It is alleged that Jabbari scratched and stole it that night.Then he injured himself by falling drunk in his penthouse apartment while alone.

News of Jabbari’s pending arrest comes on the eve of a court hearing Wednesday morning in Manhattan, where defense attorneys and prosecutors are expected to fight over the actor’s claims that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office investigated his girlfriend’s violent behavior the night before. The NYPD “buried” the investigation. Of controversy.

Prosecutors failed to turn over evidence of the case against Jabbari to the defense, “despite notice of the NYPD investigation into Jabbari’s criminal conduct, as well as an I-card and wanted flyer,” Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhary, said in a statement dismissing the case. Wrote in his proposal to.

“I-Card” refers to an internal NYPD notification that the individual is under investigation or wanted in connection with a crime.

Additionally, Major’s attorney alleged that prosecutors turned a blind eye to Major’s “theft of a Rolex vintage watch and other luxury items, valued at $6,000 – $7,000”, by Jabbari, as described.n Major’s June police complaint against her ex-husband.

In an email now in Majors’ case file, Manhattan prosecutor Erin Tierney made it clear to Majors’ attorney, Chaudhary, that the DA’s office would not prosecute Jabbari, even if the NYPD brought charges against him.

“We are pleased to decline to prosecute any charges brought by the New York Police Department against Ms. Grace Jabbari related to the allegations made by Jonathan Majors in connection with the incident that occurred on March 23, 2023,” Tierney wrote in an email in September. “Intend to.” case file.

The Manhattan DA’s office did not elaborate on why they plan to decline to prosecute NYPD charges against Jabbari.

Jabbari, a British national, met Majors, 33, while working as a movement coach on the set of this year’s film. “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.”

He planned to turn himself in at the 10th Precinct stationhouse in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on Tuesday, two sources familiar with the plan said, adding that daylong negotiations leading up to his surrender were completed Tuesday.

She is now expected to turn herself in to the precinct sometime Wednesday and be released without formal “booking,” meaning she will not be fingerprinted or detained for longer than the minimum time required to serve a summons. Will not be taken. Sources said she pleaded guilty to her charges – criminal mischief and misdemeanor assault.

A new, important detail related to the March controversy was also revealed in the DA’s most recent filing. It is known that the controversy arose when Jabbari spied sexually explicit messages from another woman on Majors’ phone while they were riding in a livery car through lower Manhattan.

The new filing reveals the text said, “I wish I was kissing you right now.”

The woman who sent the message has not been identified; It is unknown whether she was actress Meagan Good, who accompanied Majors to his two previous in-person court dates.

In their latest filing, prosecutors also hit out against one of Major’s key defense witnesses, the livery car driver who witnessed most of the altercation.

The Majors’ defense said the unidentified driver described Jabbari to defense lawyers as a “psychopathic girl” who was the primary aggressor in the fight.

In the new filing, prosecutors alleged that the driver was suffering from domestic issues. The filing said he told prosecutors that “Ms. Jabbari was behaving like his wife when she was angry with him.”

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