Matt Eberflus on Caleb Williams – has ‘love, respect’ from teammates

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Orlando. fl. – Chicago Bears coach Matt Eberflus’ biggest takeaway after watching Caleb Williams throw at USC’s pro day focused on a key aspect behind what made the quarterback the projected No. 1 pick in the draft.

“You can see the talent of the arm on film, and you can see it there in person,” Eberflus said at the NFL’s league meetings on Tuesday.

But perhaps the biggest impression on the Bears coach was how Williams connected with his teammates at dinners hosted for quarterbacks and their receivers in Chicago and during on-field workouts.

“I liked seeing the interactions with the other players,” Eberflus said. “You can see it, and we talked to everybody on that team. We interviewed them at the Senior Bowl and we interviewed them at Pro Day. We talked to those guys at dinners, and you can definitely hear those players. Love watching, respect him and respect him and what he brings to that program.”

Eberflus spent nearly 80 minutes one-on-one with Williams in Los Angeles, hoping to guide the quarterback during his rookie season in 2024. Highlighting Williams’ football skills and the path he took to become a Heisman Trophy winner and top scorer. The quarterback prospect made a strong impression.

“Just him and I being in the room together, just really listening to his journey,” Eberflus said. “His journey, from being a little boy. What I learned from him is how much his mom and dad love him. Very supportive. When I’m talking you see his character, his football character, his football knowledge. “Can. It was really a nice trip.”

The Bears sent a contingent of nine to USC’s Pro Day, including offensive coordinator Shane Waldron and quarterbacks coach Kerry Joseph. When Williams visits Halas Hall next week, he will get a chance to meet with the offensive coaches who did not make the trip to Los Angeles as the Bears continue to teach their offense to quarterbacks.

Testing Williams’ memory and ability to process and relay back information given to him is one of the final boxes the Bears will check in their evaluation of the QB.

“He’s been great that way,” Eberflus said. “Again, spend some more time meeting with him. He’ll get a chance to spend some more time with the offensive staff that he didn’t have at Pro Day. It’s going to be good.”

Williams is also expected to be evaluated by Bears team doctors after refusing to undergo a medical examination at the NFL Combine last month.

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