Maura Healey declares Massachusetts has “DunQueens” at St. Patrick’s Day breakfast

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BOSTON – Did you meet the DunKings on Super Bowl Sunday. On St. Patrick’s Day, Governor Maura Healey introduced Massachusetts to the DunQueens.

Healey, Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll and former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift donned “DunKings” tracksuits during an appearance at the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

It was a spin-off of the Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial featuring Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez.

“Ben, Matt, Tom. Just reminding everyone. Massachusetts runs DunQueens now,” Healey told the crowd.

Driscoll played a version of Damon, telling Healey that “sometimes it’s hard to be your friend.”

The parody poked fun at some of the problems facing Massachusetts, including the MBTA.

“When all else fails, we just forgive everyone. Marijuana forgives everyone. And then everyone loves us again,” Healey said, referencing last week’s statement. advertisement that would be forgiving hundreds of thousands of marijuana convictions.

South Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast allows politicians to criticize their colleagues and make jokes at their expense.

This year it wasn’t all laughter at breakfast. A group gathered outside to protest Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and her administration’s decision. ban on outdoor dining in the far north. Restaurant owners and their employees said the ban, which began last year, hurts their summer business. They accuse the Wu administration of singling them out because it is a neighborhood-specific issue.

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