Mauricio Umansky and ‘DWTS’ partner Emma Slater hold hands on date

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mauricio umansky Maybe he just turned his dance partner into a real-life romantic partner – because he looks really comfortable with her here emma slater …or so it seems.

‘Real Housewives’ star – who is she? currently separated From his estranged wife, kyle richards – Went to a restaurant in Bev Hills on Sunday night with Emma … who he currently shares screen time with on “Dancing with the Stars” as her celeb plus-1.

Well, it looks like they’re taking their ballroom connection to the outside world — that is, if their faces are to be believed in these photos — because the ‘DWTS’ couple walked away from their one-on-one dinner hand in hand. I’m holding hands, coming across as horrible couple-y.

There’s no other sign of PDA between them that we can see… but it shows on its own.

Mauricio and Emma have really been spending a lot of time together lately – getting ready for Halloween like last week. So, yes… he’s been quiet for a long time.

Now, our sources with direct knowledge tell us that the handshake was inspired by a deep conversation the two had over dinner — namely a discussion of their upcoming dance on this week’s episode. We’re told the theme is “The Most Important Year of Your Life” — and Mauricio told Emma why 1996 was so important to him.

Our sources say Mauricio actually told Emma a lot on the subject last night — ’96 was the year she and Kyle got married, she was fired from the fashion industry and she moved into real estate. Went – and we’re told that, as a result, they felt more connected and closer than ever… which, we believe, explains why they looked like this while making out.

As far as whether this is turning into a romance… sources can’t say anything about it.

Of course, there has been a lot of speculation about Mauricio and Kyle, whose marriage has come under the microscope this year amid KR. friendship with morgan wade,

Kyle has long insisted that they are currently only partners in a project… as is Kyle making a documentary on Morgan’s life – but some still suggested the romance could last.

Meanwhile… Mauricio and Kyle haven’t exactly cut each other out of their lives. they have went on vacation together with the rest of his family – and have hung out on several occasions holiday get together And like. It’s been interesting.

So, for now, it appears that Mauricio may be ready to move on. Maybe… or she’s actually very close to the ‘DWTS’ co-worker.

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