Mauricio Umansky says separation will apply to ‘buying Beverly Hills’

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Separation coming on reality TV…

Weak moments on ‘Buying Beverly Hills’

mauricio umansky And kyle richards‘Separation is coming to life in its rawest form on television… Umansky said footage from just after the news broke will appear on “Bidding Beverly Hills.”

We spoke to Mauricio last week when he was there building a house with his daughters in South Los Angeles in coordination with Habitat for Humanity… who are prominently featured in the trailer for Season 2 of the hit Netflix reality show.

Apparently, the entourage in the trailer isn’t staged… Instead, Mauricio says cameras were supposed to be set on the family in Aspen last summer — the same weekend news of the separation blew up online.

MU says the family decided not to hide their issues from the cameras… and instead allowed themselves to be vulnerable for the show — something they hope will help other audience members who may be going through a similar situation. Must be passing.

Of course, our chat with Mauricio comes after the shocking ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion… where Kyle revealed that Mauricio is want to go out Of their house.

It seems like it’s taken a long time… both separated last julyAnd both Kyle and Mauricio have been linked with new partners – although they have both denied any new romantic relationships.

When we asked about it, Umansky revealed that he’s not very far along in the process of moving forward… but he also said he’s not quite ready to talk openly about specifics yet.

It looks like fans will soon get the inside scoop on this tumultuous relationship. “Buying Beverly Hills” Season 2 premieres March 22.

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