Megyn Kelly talks about confrontation with Chris Christie in the Republican debate

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Megyn KellyWednesday moderator Republican Party primary debateexplained in your SiriusXM show On Thursday what the former governor of New Jersey. christian christian he told her during a commercial break.

Videos Footage of Christie approaching the moderator’s table had begun circulating online during and after the debate, raising questions about the pair’s seemingly heated argument.

Christie was “angry because she didn’t get enough questions” during the debate, explained Kelly, who said she responded: “We’re going to come to you. You’re going to be happy in the second hour.”

Kelly added that Christie was initially scheduled to be asked a question in the first few minutes, but as the debate began to heat up, her timing was reversed. “And the reason it happened is because we let them fight in the first 40 minutes of the debate and therefore that comes at the expense of something,” she said. “The sort of equal distribution of questions got messed up with the whole discussion.”

At the same time, the former Fox News host noted that it was unrealistic for Christie to wait the same amount of time.

“He’s polling at 2 percent! In no debate (and I’ve been in six of them now) have we asked as many questions of the guy with 3 percent as we did of the person in the lead, at least among the candidates on stage,” Kelly said. “I’m sorry, Governor Christie. That’s the way she is.”

At the end of the debate, Christie had spoken only half a minute less than nikki haleyaccording CNN figures. Christie’s time in front of the microphone was about six minutes less than Vivek RamaswamyHe is 22 years old, four years younger than the governor of Florida. Ron De Santis.

“So, frankly, I don’t want to hear it. We did the right thing with him. She got a lot of airtime. That’s why he was angry,” Kelly concluded.

In one notable momentChristie had a long argument with Ramaswamy, calling him a “disgusting braggart.”

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