Melania Trump makes rare appearance on the 2024 campaign trail

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When asked if she would campaign with her husband, she said, “stay tuned.”

When a journalist asked him if he would join the former president in the election campaign, the former first lady He just smiled and said, “stay tuned,” but nothing more.

After voting, the Trumps walked away from reporters smiling, arm in arm.

Campaign advisers previously posted videos of the couple together at Mar-a-Lago during private events, most recently hosting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

In December, Melania Trump delivered remarks at a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives in Washington, but her husband did not attend the event with her.

in September interview with NBC NewsWhen Trump was asked about his wife campaigning with him, he said she would be there “soon” and “at the appropriate time,” but added that he likes to “keep her away.”

“She’s with Barron at school now,” Trump said. “She loves that boy. He’s very popular, in fact he is. And she’ll be with us. He supports us very, very much.”

“Very soon, when appropriate, but very soon,” he added. “She is a reserved person, a great person, very sure of herself. And she loves our country very much. She will be… she will be at the right time.”

“She’ll be out there and, honestly, I like to keep her away from that. It’s so nasty and so cruel,” Trump said.

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