Melissa Gilbert criticizes SAG-AFTRA for Halloween strike rules

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melissa gilbert thinking SAG-AFTRAHalloween guidelines are filled with more manure than Prairie House pasture.

little House on the Prairie The star, who served as president of the actors’ union from 2001 to 2005, called out the guild and its leadership on Thursday for their “childish” stance on Halloween costumes amid the actors’ strike.

“Is this what you guys brought?” Gilbert, 59, wrote on instagram with an image of hollywood reporter Story about the guild’s Halloween rules. “Literally no one cares what anyone wears for Halloween. I mean, do you really think childish things like this are going to put off a strike?”

Melissa Gilbert; Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’.
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She added, “We look like a joke. Please tell me you will remove this rule…and have a conversation! For the love of God, people are suffering so much and this is all you have to say.. .C’ friends…”

Gilbert’s post came in response to a post shared Wednesday on the SAG-AFTRA website “Halloween Guidance” From the guild. An infographic advises actors on “do’s and don’ts” for the horror season, encouraging union members to dress as “generalized characters and figures (ghost, zombie, spider, etc.)” , not to wear a costume inspired by horror material. barbie Movies, oppenheimerand franchises like Marvel and star wars,

The page also encourages members to avoid posting photos of themselves in costumes inspired by the influenced work on social media, instead recommending that they choose costumes from non-influenced works such as animated television shows.

“Let’s use our collective power to send a clear and unambiguous message to our laid-off employees that we will not promote their termination without a fair contract,” the notice concludes.

It’s unclear whether there will be any formal consequences for violating SAG-AFTRA guidelines, and the guild did not immediately respond to EW’s request for clarification on the matter on Friday.

Either way, Gilbert tagged the SAG-AFTRA president fran drescher And chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland chastised fellow actor Kevin Zegers for his “frivolous and incompetent” move in his post.

SAG-AFTRA’s Halloween Strike Guidelines.

Gilbert and Zegers aren’t the only SAG-AFTRA members who found the guidelines silly. Ryan Reynolds quipped on thursday on social media“I’m looking forward to yelling ‘scab’ at my 8 year old all night. He’s not in the union but he needs to learn.”

Meanwhile, the actors’ strike is nearing its 100th day, and talks with Hollywood studios failed again last week. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers walked away from the table and said in a statement, “After meaningful conversations, it is clear that the gap between AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA is too great, and negotiations can no longer take us in the same direction.” Going in a productive direction.”

SAG-AFTRA has called on the studios to return to the bargaining table. “Let’s be clear: our call is simple,” the organization said in a statement. Posted on social media, “AMPTP, it is time to truly have a conversation, value our contribution and strengthen an industry that champions everyone within it. We have subsidized the growth of the streaming model with low rates and non-existent residuals. It’s time to share in the success’ we’ve helped build.”

That statement did not address the reaction to the Halloween guidance, and it remains to be seen whether the guild will push back in any way. But hey, if you can’t wear that barbie As for the dress you spent a lot of money on, the good news is that Laura Ingalls Wilder is a real person, and thus fair game.

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