Mike Turner says Russian propaganda has spread through parts of the GOP

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner said Sunday that Russian The propaganda has “absolutely” trickled down to Congress, saying some of his Republican colleagues have repeated false claims in the chamber.

“It is absolutely true that we see, directly from Russia, attempts to mask communications that are anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia messages, some of which we even heard spoken in the House of Representatives,” the Ohio Republican told CNN’s Jake Tapper in “State of the Union.”

Turner’s comments come after House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul told Puck News last week that Russian propaganda has “infected a good portion” of the Republican base.

Turner, who has been a strong advocate for approving additional aid to beleaguered Ukraine, said Sunday: “There are members of Congress today who still incorrectly say that this conflict between Russia and Ukraine is about NATO, which which, of course, is not so.”

“To the extent that this propaganda takes hold, it will become more difficult for us to see this as a battle of authoritarianism versus democracy,” he added.

The Senate passed a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill in February that included assistance for Ukraine and Israel, but House Speaker Mike Johnson, whose future as party leader remains uncertain following the decision Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove him from the presidency, he refused. immediately put the package to a vote.

Turner said Sunday that he doesn’t think Johnson is at “any risk” of being overthrown by the “chaos caucus,” pointing to members “who seek attention for themselves and try to stop all important work in Congress.”

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