Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer announces his candidacy for the nomination for Speaker of the House of Representatives

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Representative Tom Emmer has officially announced his intentions to become the next speaker of the United States House of Representatives after the unprecedented impeachment of Rep. Kevin McCarthy earlier this month.

On Saturday morning, Emmer tweeted that he would run for the position “to reunite our conference and get back to work.”

Emmer went on to say that, over the past 10 months with a Republican majority in the House, “our Conference has shown what we can accomplish when we come together as a team… Our conference continues to be at a crossroads and the platform is in our hands.” against. “We have no choice but to fight like hell to maintain our majority in the House and deliver on our conservative agenda.”

The leadership vacuum in the House has left Congress unable to conduct business, and Offers from Republican Representatives Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan were rejected. by different factions of the House Republican caucus.

Emmer had He previously said he would not seek the presidency., saying instead that he would seek a position as House majority leader. Currently, he is third in House leadership as majority leader.

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Finstad announces his support for Emmer

On Friday night, Minnesota Congressman Brad Finstad announced that he would support Emmer for House Speaker:

“I have known Congressman Emmer for over twenty years, since we served in the Minnesota Legislature,” Finstad said. “Since the day I arrived in Congress, it has been a privilege to work alongside Tom and I have come to truly appreciate him as a mentor and friend.”

“In January, our Conference elected Congressman Emmer as our Majority Leader, a position in which Tom has demonstrated profound leadership. Whether across Minnesota or across the country, Congressman Emmer has the trust and respect needed to lead the House of the People. happy to support him as Speaker.

“The American people deserve a functioning Congress. I am hopeful that my House colleagues can come together to carry out this election, restore order to the House, and get back to working for the American people.”

In the period since McCarthy’s ouster, Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry has served as speaker pro tempore.

Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado voted for Emmer several times during the most recent votes for president, during which Jordan failed to garner enough votes to secure the position.

Representative Tom Emmer


Earlier this month, Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips said he had no regrets about voting to impeach McCarthy and suggested his colleague Emmer as a replacement.

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“Congress can’t do anything until my Republican friends elect a new House Speaker. And it’s their choice. They’re the majority. It’s their task, it’s their job. We can’t do anything. What should we do? “We have to support to Israel. We have to support Ukraine. It is not just about nations and other countries around the world. This is an existential threat to freedom and democracy,” Phillips said.

Other candidates

Shortly after the Republican conference ruled out Jordan as its presidential candidate, some Republicans began to think about whether they should try.

Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma told reporters, “I’m in,” adding, “We have to make a lot of phone calls this weekend.”

Hern had previously considered running after McCarthy’s ouster and said in a letter to colleagues that he “called, texted or met” with the 221 Republicans at the conference to ask them what they wanted to see in their next speaker. But he withdrew from the race because he believed that “a three-man race for president will only prolong this process, creating further division that would make it more difficult for any candidate to reach 217 votes.”

Rep. Jack Bergman of Michigan also said he would enter the race.

“My hat is in the ring and I am confident that I can win votes where others could not. I have no special interests to serve; I am only in this to do what is best for our nation and steady the ship for the 118th Congress,” he said in a statement.

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