Moment medical student hides knife behind back before stabbing mother ’70 times’

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Disturbing Ring footage shows the moment a Florida medical student hid knife behind his back as he walked toward his mother’s front door before stabbing her “more than 70 times.”

Emmanuel Espinoza, 21, was headed to his grandfather’s family event when his mother, Elvia Espinoza, 46, asked him if he would stay with her at her house, two hours south of Orlando, for the weekend. .

The shocking new video shows the 21-year-old wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, light blue jeans and a navy shirt as he casually walks towards his mother’s front door around 2pm on Saturday.

Emmanuel Espinoza arrived at his mother’s house with the intention of harming her. Polk County Sheriff’s Office
He held a knife behind his back as he waited for her to open the door. Polk County Sheriff’s Office

As he walks, Espinoza can be seen hiding something in his left hand and when he reaches the door, footage reveals that he is holding a knife.

Espinoza tries to open the door before he is finally greeted by his unsuspecting mother.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Espinoza had been listening to “No Church In the Wild” by Jay Z and Kanye West as he approached the home and “charged and started stabbing her” the moment he opened it. the door.

“He knew where to stab her for maximum effect from his biology classes,” Judd explained.

“We have other audio that we are not going to play from inside the house, where [his mom is] shouting ‘Manny, Manny, Manny’ and not saying a word. He stabbed her more than 70 times.”

Espinoza, 21, “charged and started stabbing her” 70 times. Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Judd revealed that Espinoza had said that, while he loved his mother, he had been angry with her and had “wanted to kill her for years” and finally complied.

“When she tried to get up from the ground, he stabbed her some more,” Judd said.

“He said he noticed her hands were still moving, so he stabbed her some more.”

Elvia Espinoza, 46, screamed her son’s name as he murdered her. Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Espinoza then told detectives in his confession that he had cut his hand with the knife while stabbing his mother.

“And while he was standing at the kitchen sink, washing himself and the knife, he wanted to ask his mother for Neosporin, for the cut on his hand. But he realized that she was dead.”

It was at that moment, just after the gruesome murder, that Espinoza called 911 and confessed to the operators of the tragedy that had unfolded.

Espinoza has been charged with first-degree murder and booked into the Polk County Jail.

Tributes poured in for Espinoza’s mother, who was a second-grade teacher at Frostproof Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Elementary School, after the shocking news shocked the community.

“Elvia was full of life and loved her family, especially her grandchildren. “Elvia really enjoyed spending time with her family and she was a light in everyone’s lives,” she reads in a tribute to the late 46-year-old woman.

A visitation will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm on Wednesday, followed by a funeral service at 2 pm on Thursday.

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