NASA makes history with a solar probe that practically touches the sun

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The speed of the Parker solar probe will be due to the gravitational forces that act on it as it falls towards the Sun, reaching a speed that could take it from New York to London in less than half a minute. The Parker project began in 2018 with the goal of making several passes near the Sun, each time closer than the previous one.

This incredible challenge faces multiple potential complications, including heat, as the temperature at the front of the spacecraft will likely approach 1,400°C or 2,552°F.

The solar probe’s plan is to make its measurements as quickly as possible, making a quick entry and a quick retreat. The readings will be taken using several instruments, which will be protected by a significant heat shield. Researchers hope this data will provide new insights into some of the Sun’s important processes, including a better understanding of the solar corona, or outer atmosphere.

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