Nashville Police: Bank card of missing MU student Riley Strain found near Cumberland River

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The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Sunday afternoon that the bank card of missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain was found on the embankment between Gay St. and the Cumberland River.

The search continues for Strain, 22, after he was on a trip with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers when disappeared on March 9 in downtown Nashville. He was kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar before disappearing, according to a Nashville police missing persons report.

Police and other volunteers have searched the river for several days using sonar as one of the main methods. ABC 17 News spoke with Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Kyle Green on the process of trying to find someone during a water search.

“If you suspect someone has gone into the water, your patrol boats will obviously patrol the surface of the water and then also go along the banks,” Green says. “So it’s possible that there was an individual who, let’s say, walked in and the current or something ended up pushing him to the side.”

Green says that once the surface of the water has been searched, the next phase would be to search underwater. ABC 17 News spoke with James Hinkle, who works with the organization “Beyond the Case” that helps in the search for missing people. He says when searching a large area you have to set up a grid.

“You set up a grid underwater just like you would a grid. Like you’re searching a wooded area, except it’s a lot smaller and you just stay in a line and follow that line, the canyon and you have a zone. I need to clear it and clean it up. But you, the submarine,” Hinkle said.

Strain he allegedly told his friends over the phone that he was heading back to the Tempo Hotel, where they were staying. Instead, she walked in the opposite direction.

He was seen on security video from a local vape shop at 9:45 pm near 2nd Avenue and Church Street. He appeared to be stumbling and holding his head.

Two minutes later, he was caught on another security camera at an intersection near Gay Street, which was the last time he was seen on video.

The University of Missouri and Nashville police are asking anyone with information about Strain’s whereabouts to contact them.

Check back for more updates on this developing story.

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