Newsom: War between Israel and Hamas “no longer intellectual”

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He said he met with a young survivor of a shooting and was shown graphic videos of beheadings that have been blocked in the West.

“The worst thing about this is that in the video I saw heads, decapitated people, their bodies lying there, dead. Watching someone get poked in the eyes and mouth to see if he was alive, finding out he was alive after being shot on the ground,” he said. “It connects to understanding the emotion of Israelis over the atrocities that occurred and the 1,400 lives lost. He is no longer intellectual.”

The war enters its third week, with more than 4,600 civilians dead in Gaza starting sunday. The Hamas attack and Israel’s response have divided Democrats — and some progressives, including Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California), calling for a ceasefire.

Newsom said he did not have time to travel to Gaza but was working with U.S. officials and NGOs to bring medical supplies to the region, “separate from and above the aid we are providing to Israel.”

Asked if he had spoken to any Israeli leaders about a ceasefire, he said the trip was “limited in scope.”

“I wish I were president of the United States,” he said sarcastically, before clarifying that he was joking. “I could start doing all those things.”

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