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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the 9-1-1 Season 7 premiere “Abandon ‘Ships.”]

Listen, if there’s one ‘ship we’re not ready to abandon, it’s Athena (Angela Bassett) and Bobby (Peter Cross), although they have some things to work out. 9-1-1 Premiere. Luckily, everything is okay for Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Karen (Tracey Thomas), as well as Chimney (Kenneth Choi) and Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) — though a lot of people need to tell her that! – And we’re not here to be all concerned with the love affair of Buck (Oliver Stark) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman), which is a good thing in one respect.

At the beginning of the premiere, Buck tries to make plans with Eddie over the weekend, but the other person, Marisol (Eddie Ganem), is busy chaperoning her son Christopher’s (Gavin McHugh) first date. When Eddie suggested he invite Natalia (Annelice Cepero), Buck revealed, “We broke down. I don’t know why I thought dating a death doula was such a good idea.” As “To be fair, you had just died,” explains Eddie. But the problem was, Buck explains: “That’s all she wanted to talk about: death, death, death. To be honest with you, it “It’s getting a little boring.” (We saw this coming, given how they met and had their first date.) Eddie then welcomes Buck “back to the living world,” telling him, You’re sorely missed.”

In Season 7, “In His Personal Life, [Buck’s] Just be willing to do the things that make him happy, figuring out what he wants to be and the things that make him feel good and pursuing them in a way that has no shame,” Stark told TV Insider. “And he’ll go after things that make him feel good.”

Stark explains that the breakup with Natalia is “part of Buck’s reinvention, I think he’s moving on and letting go of all the things that we’ve seen in his life before.” “He’s starting to leave those behind and develop into a new person.”

So could this mean he chooses his own sofa? He was without anything for a while after moving in with his previous (former) girlfriend, then in the season 6 finale, he asked Natalia to help him get one. “I’ve shot a lot in my apartment this year, and I haven’t shot sitting on the couch yet, and I don’t think I’ve even looked in that direction of a set,” Starke admits with a laugh. “I don’t know which sofa is over there. I think it’s probably the same.”

Angela Bassett and Peter Cross in 9-1-1 - 'Abandon Ship'

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Meanwhile, Athena and Bobby are on their honeymoon on a cruise – trouble has just started there, with hijackers boarding the ship at the end of the premiere – and right from the start, she’s not into it. he has seen poseidon adventure, she explains to Frank (Eddie McGee) during a therapy session. (Shelley Winters was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars that year, she points out. Did she win? “No, she didn’t,” says Athena, clearly still upset, as do we. Bassett is about the Oscar loss.)

But then she admits that although she loves her husband, their life is a whirlwind, but take away that chaos, and she’s not sure what’s left. Who are they when it’s just the two of them? And so, while Athena may not be a fan of Norman (Daniel Roebuck) and Lola (Romy Rosemont), when it turns out that the couple from season 2’s “Buck, Actually” — after being arrested for flashing early morning freeway traffic After they are back together he is on the ship to see her, she eagerly agrees to join them for drinks. Bobby is able to tell that Athena is trying to avoid him, but soon Both There is controversy over whether Norman murdered his wife (she was kidnapped by the men, who armed themselves and eventually boarded the ship).

Elsewhere, Chimney, seeing how unhappy a couple on the call is, decides that he and his fiancée Maddie should make a change. Their conversation on this topic sheds light on what makes them so great together. He began, “I saw a future I never wanted to see, a couple that has been together for 35 years.” “Looks like you’re not proposing,” she comments. It’s not like that, he assured her, but rather, as he saw it, they became “satisfied” and “calm down.” “I mean, they must have been in love once, right?” he asks. “One would think,” he agrees.

So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, he thinks they should start dating – not with other people, but with each other. He wants a “honeymoon life”. And it’s sweet, but it’s easy to see that it won’t last. And it is not so. After another call Chimney learns not to force things, he decides that he and Maddie don’t need to date. Instead, they have to plan a wedding… and now there’s a hot tub outside.

“I don’t think they need to worry about being complacent,” Choi agrees with us, “but Chimney will always be worried. Chimney is just a ball of nerves and anxiety. She hears one thing on the call and it gives her a direction. He hears another thing. He’s like a lost little puppy dog, which I think is part of his charm. But for me, as a viewer, sometimes I just Want to shake him and slap him in the face and say, ‘Calm down. Just relax.’ But that’s part of his charm, he wants everything to be as perfect as possible, which usually makes things worse.”

Ultimately, it was revealed that Christopher had been talking to five different girls in his class. Eddie brings in Buck to help, and it is the second firefighter with whom Christopher opens up a bit. As he sees it, in the end they will all go away, just like his mother did before she died. It’s heartbreaking to watch Eddie listen to this. But thanks to the letter that Edie gave to Christopher that Shannon (Devin Kelly) left for him – we see her reading it – it seems things are going well, with Chris framing the mother and son. He set the photograph he had on his desk face down.

What did you think of the Season 7 premiere? And did moving to ABC make you feel any different?

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