Organized retail crime data for 2021 withdrawn by NRF

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The National Retail Federation has rejected claims in an April report that said organized retail crime was responsible for nearly half of all inventory losses in 2021.

The update, made on November 29, comes as stores have raised concerns about an increase in retail theft. But was all the focus more on theft?

NRF spokeswoman Mary McGinty said the lobbying group stands behind the fact that organized retail crime is “a serious problem affecting retailers of all sizes and communities” but called for the industry and law enforcement to gather and analyze accurate data. Recognizes the challenges of doing.

Food items are seen at a Duane Reade drug store and pharmacy closed to prevent shoplifting in New York City on August 24, 2023.

Organized retail crime statistics removed from NRF report

The updated NRF report, which was conducted in partnership with global risk advisory firm K2 Integrity, removes part of the line that claims nearly half of the total annual retail shrinkage — an industry term for missing inventory — is “organized. Was responsible for “retail crime”. A form of retail theft in which several people coordinate to steal products in order to resell them for profit.

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