Oscars Forecasts: Best Actor – Abundance of Remarkable Performances Eliminates Certainties

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Within the Variety Awards Circuit section lies a repository of accolade-related updates and associated content throughout the year. It encompasses official prognostications for imminent Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards ceremonies, meticulously curated by Variety’s esteemed Senior Awards Editor, Clayton Davis. These prognostications are reflective of the current dynamics within these competitions and remain impartial, not influenced by personal preferences for any specific contender. As other formal and informal surveys indicate, these contests are dynamic and subject to alterations contingent upon prevailing buzz and unfolding events. Prognostications receive weekly updates.

Oscars Forecasts: Best Actor - Abundance of Remarkable Performances Eliminates Certainties
Oscars Predictions: Best Actor – With So Many Worthy Performances, There’s No Such Thing as ‘Locks’

Anticipating the 2023 Oscars:

Supplementary Commentary (Last Updated: September 23, 2023): The impending contest for the Best Actor category portends to be a fiercely competitive battleground, with each fresh contender’s emergence at various film festivals either meeting or surpassing expectations.

Cillian Murphy, for his role in “Oppenheimer,” and Leonardo DiCaprio, starring in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” undeniably secure spots in the running. However, considering a field of at least a dozen leading men, can anyone else be unequivocally deemed an “Oscar lock”?

In addition to Murphy and DiCaprio, notable figures from the Telluride Film Festival include Colman Domingo (“Rustin”), Paul Giamatti (“The Holdovers”), and Andrew Scott (“All of Us Strangers”). Venice Film Festival introductions further amplify the contest’s complexity, featuring Bradley Cooper (“Maestro”) and Adam Driver (“Ferrari”).

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) showcased a captivating performance by seasoned actor Jeffrey Wright in MGM’s “American Fiction,” which also secured the Audience Award. Wright’s oeuvre is poised to gain recognition, and his comedic rendition in Cord Jefferson’s debut opus shines as his magnum opus. TIFF also unveiled noteworthy prospects in Nicolas Cage (“Dream Scenario”), Jamie Foxx (“The Burial”), and Paul Dano (“Dumb Money”).

Moreover, we are keenly awaiting two rumored yet-to-be-unveiled cinematic marvels. One stars Zac Efron, portraying the professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich in A24’s “The Iron Claw,” and the other features Anthony Hopkins as the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud in Sony Pictures Classics’ “Freud’s Last Session.”

Oscars Forecasts: Best Actor - Abundance of Remarkable Performances Eliminates Certainties
iron claw

The Projected Nominees Comprise:

  1. Jeffrey Wright — “American Fiction” (MGM)
  2. Cillian Murphy — “Oppenheimer” (Universal Pictures)
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio — “Killers of the Flower Moon” (Apple Original Films/Paramount Pictures)
  4. Paul Giamatti — “The Holdovers” (Focus Features)
  5. Colman Domingo — “Rustin” (Netflix)
Close Contenders Include:
  1. Bradley Cooper — “Maestro” (Netflix)
  2. Andrew Scott — “All of Us Strangers” (Searchlight Pictures)
  3. Gael García Bernal — “Cassandro” (Amazon MGM Studios)
  4. Jamie Foxx — “The Burial” (Amazon MGM Studios)
  5. Austin Butler — “The Bikeriders” (20th Century Studios)
Other Top-Tier Prospects Encompass:
  1. Adam Driver — “Ferrari” (Neon)
  2. Nicolas Cage — “Dream Scenario” (A24)
  3. Anthony Hopkins — “Freud’s Last Session” (Sony Pictures Classics)
  4. Christian Friedel — “The Zone of Interest” (A24)
  5. Matt Damon — “Air” (Amazon MGM Studios)
In Contention Are Also:
  1. Joaquin Phoenix — “Napoleon” (Apple Original Films/Sony Pictures)
  2. Benoît Magime — “The Taste of Things” (IFC Films/Sapan Studio)
  3. David Strathairn — “A Little Prayer” (Sony Pictures Classics)
  4. Jay Baruchel — “BlackBerry” (IFC Films)
  5. Josh O’Connor — “La Chimera” (Neon)
All Eligible Titles (Arranged Alphabetically by Studio) Include:
  1. John David Washington — “The Creator” (20th Century Studios)
  2. Kenneth Branagh — “A Haunting in Venice” (20th Century Studios)
  3. Austin Butler — “The Bikeriders” (20th Century Studios)
  4. Tom Hardy — “The Bikeriders” (20th Century Studios)
  5. Joaquin Phoenix — “Beau is Afraid” (A24)

The anticipation is amplified by the presence of other formidable contenders, making the 2023 Oscars a fiercely contested arena.

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