Park Shin Hye ‘Dr.’ Considers. ‘Slump’ concludes, set for a new K-drama

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Park Shin Hye’s heartfelt farewell message after the finale ‘Doctor Meltdown’ has been released.

Salt Entertainment revealed the final remarks of Park Shin Hye on the 18th, who played the role of ‘Nam Haneul’ in the JTBC weekend drama ‘Doctor Slump’ (directed by Oh Hyun-joong, written by Baek Sun-woo, produced by SALT) Had played. ¬∑HyzeumStudio), which concluded on the 17th.

Park Shin Hye began by saying, “Right after the last shooting, I was overwhelmed with various and complex emotions,” and continued, “We fought against the heat and weather in the summer, and from spring to late autumn. The drama was shot in different environments. Every day was truly enjoyable. All the staff on set were so amazing that the ‘Doctor Slump’ set felt even more special.”

He continued, “Great happiness and good fortune never seem far away. They seem to come from people around me, friends or family. Just as Haneul found comfort and solace, I hope many people will find strength and Will recover well.”

Finally, Park Shin Hye ended her farewell message with a heartfelt thank you, “It was really happy to live every day as Haneul. Thank you.”

In ‘Doctor Slump’, Park Shin Hye played ‘Nam Haneul’, a character suffering from burnout syndrome, who charmed the audience with his subtle and deeply emotional acting that matched his realities and was inspired by Park Heung-sik’s It provided delightful excitement through their perfect chemistry together.

Furthermore, showcasing her ability as a ‘rom-com queen’, Park Shin Hye not only charmed the audience with her acting, but also touched their hearts with her cool and resonant voice as she performed every Delivered memorable lines in the episode, earning him the title of ‘. Narration Master.

Park Shin Hye has confirmed her appearance in the new SBS drama ‘Judge from Hell’ with co-star Kim Jae Young, continuing her busy schedule in 2024.

‘Judge from Hell’ is a romance fantasy that depicts the story of Kang Bit-na, a super-elite Judge who becomes a true judge by executing sinners after meeting Han Da-on, who in reality is no better than any other Is a more humane spy than. More than hell. In this drama, Park Shin Hye plays the role of super-elite judge ‘Kang Bit-na’.

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