Prince Harry says he wants to come back if Britain is safe

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Prince Harry has revealed he wants his children to have police protection so they “feel at home” in Britain.

His comments open the door to the extraordinary possibility that the Sussexes could once again spend considerable time in the U.K. Less than four years ago, he and Meghan Markle fled the country for, as Harry later said, “their lives.” for fear of.”

Harry’s new comments were included in a statement read out at the High Court in London by his legal team, who are arguing that the government should not have stripped him of the right to automatic police protection on British soil simply because he left the royal family. Had given. And went abroad.

The government agency RAVEC, which is responsible for protecting high-profile individuals, has argued that the “bespoke” arrangements made are adequate. Harry has already failed in a request to be able to order paid police protection on demand.

Most of the proceedings have been conducted behind closed doors as they relate to sensitive security matters, although Harry’s statement was released.

In this according to London TimesHe denied that leaving the UK was an option, saying: “It was with great sadness for both of us that my wife and I were forced to step back from this role and leave the country in 2020.”

He added: “The UK is my home. The UK is central to my children’s heritage and a place where I want them to feel as at home as they currently live in the US. This cannot happen if it is not possible to keep them safe while they are on British soil.

“I cannot put my wife in danger like this and, given my experiences in life, I am reluctant to unnecessarily put myself in harm’s way.”

Harry’s team has argued that Harry faces a risk that “arises from his birth and ongoing status as His Majesty the King’s son,” adding, “This case is about the right to safety and security.” There is no right that can be of greater importance to any of us.”

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