Read about police investigating stolen cars and thefts; Residents say ‘stay alert’

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READING – The Reading Police Department is investigating a series of stolen cars, break-ins and robberies that occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The police department took to social media and reported that at least three vehicles were removed from three different streets in the city, including Main Street, Spring Street and Prospect Street.

Only two of the vehicles have been found, but the crime wave does not end there.

At least nine residents reported their cars were broken into and their belongings stolen.

“I heard a lot of voices and an engine revving outside,” says Philip Parker, who was just waking up when he heard an unusual noise outside his home on Locust Street.

“I saw the car lights were on. I went upstairs and asked my wife if she had been in the car overnight and she said no,” says Parker, who immediately realized he was being robbed.

“The door was left ajar and the light was open in one of the cars and all the stuff in the center console was on the passenger seat. It’s like a sinking feeling in your stomach where it’s like, oh man, and then you run around the list of decisions you made without locking the car, that kind of thing,” Parker says.

He’s not the only one who leaves his car unlocked on his quiet street; According to police, almost all of the stolen or broken-in cars were left unlocked.

“Stay alert,” Parker says.

Police offer tips to stay safe, such as keeping car doors locked, closing windows and sunroofs, and never leaving electronic devices or money inside the car.

Anyone with surveillance video or any information is asked to call Reading Police immediately at (781) 944-1212.

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