Renowned bodybuilder Neil Currey passed away at the age of 34

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Renowned British bodybuilder Neil Currey, who not only competed at a high level but also coached and inspired fellow fitness enthusiasts, has tragically passed away at the young age of 34.


The heartbreaking news of Neil Currey’s passing was shared by his former coach, Milo Sarcev, through an Instagram post on September 12. Alongside a collection of photos featuring Currey, Sarcev expressed his profound sorrow, saying, “I am at a loss for words and overwhelmed with pain and sadness as I share the shocking news of the passing of my former athlete neil_currey. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones. Rest in peace, Neil, and may your soul find eternal peace.”

Sarcev also took a moment to reminisce about a cherished memory with the late bodybuilder, recalling, “I can still vividly recall the joyful smile on his face as he achieved his lifelong dream of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia after winning the New York Pro competition.”

Hosstile, a company that collaborated with Currey in the past, also joined in paying tribute to him, remarking, “We are deeply saddened by the news of Neil Currey’s passing. Neil’s unwavering commitment to his craft, his willingness to support his teammates and others, his positivity, and his sense of humor are the qualities that stood out when thinking of Neil.”

Generation Iron, a media outlet reporting on developments in the fitness world, also acknowledged the passing of Neil Currey. Unfortunately, details regarding the circumstances of his death and the cause remain unconfirmed.

The bodybuilding community came together to grieve the loss of Currey, with numerous individuals sharing their cherished memories and heartfelt sentiments on social media. One individual, who considered Currey a “coach” and “friend,” expressed their profound sadness on Hosstile’s post, saying, “I’m absolutely devastated. This guy had a more significant influence on my life than anyone else ever has. I’m truly heartbroken.” Notable figures in the industry, including Andrei Deiu, Hany Rambod, Dennis Wolf, and Iris Kyle, also offered their condolences in response to this tragic news.

Neil Currey embarked on his bodybuilding journey in 2017, making a name for himself as he started competing. In 2019, he made his debut in the IFBB Classic Physique competition and continued to compete on a global scale. His dreams came true in 2022 when he secured first place at the New York Pro, earning his ticket to the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. Although he finished 16th in the event, simply reaching the Mr. Olympia competition was a remarkable achievement within the bodybuilding industry.

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