Report: Rashi Rice owns Corvette, leased Lamborghini involved in alleged street race

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On Saturday, a six-car crash in Dallas was reportedly caused by two cars street racing. Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice leased one of the cars that was reportedly racing — and he owns the other.

News emerged on Monday that Rice had leased the Lamborghini Urus involved in the crash. Via, Rice also has a Corvette,

Under Texas law enacted in 2023, both cars could be confiscated. (Via, the Lamborghini was reportedly damaged in the crash.)

The bigger issue is whether Rice was driving the Lamborghini. Via, in communication with the company that owns the car, Rice admitted to being involved in the accident.

As previously mentioned, it appears that Rice climbed out of the front passenger door from the driver’s seat, Dashcam video of the accident And its consequences.

If Rice was driving, he faces potentially serious criminal penalties for leaving the scene of an accident that causes injury.

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