Report: Steelers traded Kenny Pickett because he was unhappy with the signing of Russell Wilson

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The Steelers selected quarterback Kenny Pickett two years earlier in part because they knew him well from his time at Pitt. Maybe they didn’t know him well.

What they didn’t know was that he wouldn’t tolerate sitting on the bench well, or that he would rush into signing another potential starting quarterback.

Gerry Dulac of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette It was recently reported that the Steelers traded Pickett to the Eagles “because of him”. behavior and expressed displeasure On the Arrival of Russell Wilson”.

Per Dulac, the day after Wilson agreed to sign with the Steelers, Pickett canceled an out-of-town workout with the Steelers receivers.

Dulac also points to Pickett’s reportedly “irritable behavior” at the end of last season, when he returned from ankle surgery but was not reinstated as the starter. Instead, Mason Rudolph retained the job.

Dulac writes, “It all came to a head in Week 17 in Seattle when he refused to dress as the emergency third quarterback.”

So Pickett went from competing with Wilson to being, at best, No. 2 behind Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia.

Obviously, if Pickett had played better in 24 starts over two seasons, the Steelers would not have advanced. They are patient, especially with quarterbacks taken in the first round.

As coach Mike Tomlin always says, he wants volunteers, not hostages. Pickett obviously did not want to be there. Tomlin and the Steelers apparently decided not to force it.

Pickett is now beginning the backup phase of his career, two seasons after it began. Only time will tell if he can perform enough in Philly to get a chance to play elsewhere. He will not only have to overcome the Steelers’ attitude problems to find a potentially better option, but also to land him.

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