Reporter calls out man on air who has been sending him ‘nasty’ emails for 4 years

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Here’s one way to step up and end online harassment.

Canadian on-air traffic reporter Leslie Horton is being praised for calling out a viewer on social media who she says has been sending her “nasty” messages for years.

In a video going viral online, Horton can be seen doing her daily traffic report for the Global News Network, when she informs viewers about a message she received.

“I have to respond to an email I just received that says ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy,'” reads Horton, 59. “‘If you’re gonna wear old bus driver pants, you’ve got to expect emails like this.'”

Horton later described it on “Good Morning America”. As an “internal reaction”, it was decided to put this viewer in his place.

“So, thanks for that,” Horton began. “No, I am not pregnant. Actually last year I lost my uterus due to cancer. And women my age look like this.”

“So if it’s offensive to you, that’s unfortunate,” she added. “Think about the emails you send.”

Horton, who is now cancer-free, told “GMA” on Wednesday that she usually ignores such messages on-air, but this particular viewer particularly got her gears turning. So he decided to respond immediately.

“This is a man [who] She’s been sending nasty emails for about four years,” he said. “It’s been a constant flow of emails.”

Horton said being diagnosed with and then overcoming endometrial cancer in December 2021 gave her a new outlook on life.

“Whenever you battle cancer, [it] “There’s an impact on a lot of levels,” he told “GMA.” “You have to figure out who you are pushing. Life becomes ‘before cancer’ and ‘after cancer’.”

He added, “I have a lot of gratitude for life.” “And I think it also taught me to be really clear about who I am and what’s important to me, and what I expect from other people and how I will behave. And this leads us to respond to inappropriate emails.”

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