Rescue teams have begun removing containers from the ship that collapsed off Baltimore’s Key Bridge.

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Salvage crews on Sunday began removing containers from the deck of the freighter that crashed and collapsed on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, an important step toward fully reopening one of the country’s main shipping routes.

A section of the container ship Dali is seen with the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on top of it, as seen from the debris recovery ship Reynolds, April 4, 2024, in Baltimore. (Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner via AP)(AP/Kaitlin Newman)

BALTIMORE (AP) — Rescuers on Sunday began removing containers from the deck of the freighter that crashed and collapsed. Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimorean important step towards the full reopening of one of the country’s main maritime routes.

The removal of containers from the Dali’s deck would continue this week as weather permits, according to a statement from the Key Bridge Unified Response Command. Crews were moving forward to remove sections of the bridge along the ship’s bow to eventually allow it to move, according to the statement.

In total, 32 vessels have passed through temporary channels on either side of the wreck, officials said.

“At the same time, the Unified Command is advancing its main lines of effort to remove enough debris to open the channel to increased commercial traffic,” U.S. Coast Guard Capt. David O’Connell said in the statement. .

The Dali has been trapped under mangled steel in the Patapsco River since it crashed into the bridge on March 26, killing six workers.

President Joe Biden On Friday he took a helicopter tour of the warped metal remains and the mass of construction and salvage teams trying to clear the debris. The president also met for more than an hour with the families of the deceased.

eight workers immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador—were filling potholes on the bridge when it was hit and collapsed in the middle of the night. Two men were rescued and the bodies of three others were recovered in the following days. The search for the other victims continued.

Officials have established a temporary alternative channel for vessels involved in debris clearance. The Army Corps of Engineers hopes to open a limited-access channel for container barges and some vessels carrying cars and farm equipment by the end of April, and restore normal capacity to the Port of Baltimore by May 31, the White House said.

More than 50 salvage divers and 12 cranes are on site to help cut sections of the bridge and remove them from the key waterway.

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