Sevastopol: Ukraine says it hit two Russian warships in major attack on Crimea

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Ukraine says it attacked two Russian warships, along with a communications center and several other facilities belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, in a massive overnight attack on the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

There has been no comment from Russian defense officials, although Russian politician and Sevastopol governor Mikhail Razvozhayev acknowledged on his Telegram channel that it was the “most massive attack in recent times.”

A video posted on a local Telegram channel shows a series of large explosions in the city, sending fireballs and thick black smoke into the air. In the distance you can see another fireball.

Ukraine He said the affected ships were two amphibious landing ships, the Yamal and the Azov. The extent of the damage was not immediately clear.

Ukrainian air force commander Mykola Oleshchuk, praising the attacks, wrote on social media: “The sky and the sea are the same color! I thank the pilots and the navy for their successful combat work! Crimea is ours! To victory together!

Without referring to any military sites attacked, Razvozhayev said one person had been killed in the attack. The city’s sea and land transportation, he said, had been “partially damaged.”

Elsewhere in Crimea, Russian military bloggers say Ukrainian forces also attacked sites in the west and center of the illegally annexed peninsula, including Hvardiiske, which lies just north of Crimea’s administrative center, Simferopol. Users who posted videos on a local Telegram channel suggested that an oil depot was attacked.

CNN cannot immediately verify the latest claims from either party.

While Moscow appears to clearly have the advantage in its land campaign, kyiv’s forces have enjoyed sustained successes against the Russian Black Sea Fleet, whether in missile or maritime drone attacks.

More than 20 Russian warships have been disabled or destroyed, a third of the entire fleet. Although Ukraine has practically no own navy, technological innovation, Russian audacity and incompetence have given it the advantage in much of the Black Sea. In October of last year, satellite images indicated that Russia relocated some of its warships outside Sevastopol after a series of Ukrainian attacks.

If Sunday’s attacks on Yamal and Azov are confirmed, it would likely mean that Russia has only three operational landing ships left in the Black Sea. Ukraine says Moscow began the full-scale invasion with 13 such ships.

In September, a Ukrainian missile attack also destroyed the fleet headquarters in Sevastopol.

For Ukraine, the impact is not only military but also economic, because it helps secure a maritime corridor from Odessa and other ports to the Bosphorus Strait, which will allow it to sell grain and other products on world markets.

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