Steelers continue to behave out of character in Kenny Pickett trade

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After Terry Bradshaw retired, the Steelers waited 20 years to draft their next potential franchise quarterback. After Ben Roethlisberger retired, the Steelers wasted no time. In the very next draft, they used their first-round pick on Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett.

After only two seasons, the Steelers put a stop to the Pickett experiment, sending him to Philadelphia for a fairly modest return.

The move came as the Steelers focused on moving forward with Pickett and Mason Rudolph, who started the last three regular season games (all wins) and the playoff loss to Buffalo. Less than a month ago, Gerry Dulac of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette It was reported that the Steelers had no interest in a veteran quarterback who wanted to start. A week earlier, that view changed dramatically, with Dulac (in a possible attempt to correct him also incorrectly) reporting that Russell Wilson was visiting the Steelers.

Now, Rudolph has signed with the Titans and Pickett has been traded and Russ has been introduced as the new starter in the Steel City.

For most teams, this isn’t a big deal. For the Steelers, it’s a break from the way they do things. They are patient. They don’t do anything suddenly. They do not take big risks. They don’t go all the way in the normal sense or in the Jerry Jones bullshit sense.

They are now. He admitted that the picket was a mistake. He didn’t do anything spectacular during his two years and 24 starts. His passer rating was an anemic 78.8. He threw 13 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions.

And so the Steelers have made a bold move away from their ‘stay-the-course’ approach. The juice is inside. Kenny is out. Mason left.

They have a quarterback under contract in Wilson. It remains to be seen who they add. (Ryan Tannehill remains available.)

For now, we know one thing. The Steelers have flipped their own script on how they operate. It will be interesting to see whether this is an aberration or the beginning of a new trend.

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