Suspected driver of stolen vehicle arrested after switching cars amid chase near South Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Police Department officers are pursuing the driver of a stolen vehicle near Boyle Heights.

It was not immediately clear what time the chase began, but police first reported the incident due to “cold plates,” meaning license plates that do not match the vehicle.

With SkyCal overhead, the suspect, behind the wheel of a stolen silver Dodge Challenger with a black racing stripe, could be seen swerving other cars and narrowly avoiding several crashes. They could also be seen driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding on surface streets as they continued towards the South Gate area.

While still fleeing from officers, the suspect drove under an I-110 underpass, where he allegedly got into another vehicle, a red pickup truck.

Minutes later, the truck driver stopped, ending the chase near S. Hoover Street and W. Vernon Avenue.

Officers say the passenger of the truck, who was detained along with the driver, was initially the person they were chasing.

No further information was provided.

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