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drake bell is asking drake and josh Fans didn’t take it easy on her co-star Josh Peck after Bell made allegations cool on set She was abused by former Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck.

After Bell revealed his experience with Brian during their youth, many Nickelodeon fans took to social media to attack Josh. Although Josh and Brian have the same last name, they are unrelated.

Bell has now said on TikTok that Josh has contacted her and asked fans not to be so hard on their former co-star.

“I just want to clear something up. “I’ve seen a lot of comments on some of Josh’s TikToks and some of his posts,” Bell said in the video. “I just want you guys to know that it’s really, you know, processing this and going through this is a really emotional time and a lot of it is very, very hard. Therefore, not everything is put before the public.”

He added, “But I just want you guys to know that she contacted me and it’s very sensitive. But he has contacted me to talk and help me work on it. And it’s been really great. So I just wanted to tell you guys and make it a little easier.”

Bryan was arrested in 2003 on eleven charges, including sodomy, indecent assault on a 14 or 15-year-old child by a person 10 years older, and oral copulation under anesthesia or a controlled substance, but the minor was never named. I went.

Bale reveals he was underage in documentary Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Children’s TV, Sharing details of abuse by a former communication coach on children’s networks.

After the document aired, Nickelodeon shared a statement saying, “Now that Drake Bell has revealed his identity as the plaintiff in the 2004 case, we are disappointed and saddened to learn of the trauma he endured. are, and we appreciate and support the necessary forces.” to come forward.”

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