Tallulah Willis, 30, reveals she was diagnosed with autism

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Tallulah Willis revealed she was diagnosed with autism over the summer.Tallulah Willis/Instagram

Tallulah Willis revealed on Friday that she was diagnosed with autism last summer.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter took to Instagram to share a throwback video of herself stroking her dad’s head while walking the red carpet and captioned it, “Tell me yours.” [sic] Autistic without telling me yours [sic] Autistic ???”

One follower praised Tallulah, 30, for posting the clip and asked if she was diagnosed as a child, to which she said it was the “first time” she’d publicly shared her diagnosis. .

She shared an old video of herself caressing her father Bruce Willis’ face while walking the red carpet. Tallulah Willis/Instagram
“tell me your [sic] Autistic without telling me yours [sic] Autistic,” she captioned the post. Tallulah Willis/Instagram

“Finded out this summer and it changed my life,” Tallulah responded, before describing herself as “neurospic” in a separate comment.

According to Autism Speaks, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is “a wide range of challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and non-verbal communication”.

Tallulah has always been candid about her mental and physical health, recently sharing how her recovery from anorexia has been “messy” at times.

The 30-year-old Violis founder said the diagnosis has changed her life. wireimage
She has always been candid about her mental and physical health. Tallulah Willis/Instagram

“I am in severe pain [sic] “A moment to romanticize unhealthy times and what it’s like to go through the day in a body that size,” she wrote on Instagram last month. “Just wanted to voice it because I know (hopefully) I’m not alone.”

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The Violis founder also shared before and after photos of her body to show how far she’s come in her journey.

Battling an eating disorder, Tallulah also struggled with ADHD, depression, and borderline personality disorder, which she was diagnosed with in June 2022 while undergoing treatment at Driftwood Recovery in Texas.

Tallulah previously revealed that she went to a treatment center for four months to help her overcome anorexia. filmmagic
He has also been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Tallulah Willis/Instagram

The 68-year-old “Die Hard” star stayed at a treatment center for four months on her parents’ orders, despite battling a dementia diagnosis.

She shared, “I realized that what I wanted more than harmony with my body was harmony with my family – to not have to worry about them anymore, to bring lightness to my sisters and my parents. “

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