Target, Walmart self-checkout policy changes Wisconsinites should know about

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After scanning all the items in your cart when you purchase them you go to the self checkout kiosk and checkout from the app by scanning the QR code on the machine and following the prompts.  Mike Evert, store director for Meijer in Kenosha, demonstrates the Shop and Scan feature in the Meijer app for Apple and Android phones.  The Kenosha store has been using the app in a pilot program for 6 months.  Evert was at the Greenfield store on May 2, 2019 to demonstrate it.  All stores will go live with it on Monday.

Retailers in Wisconsin have implemented self-checkout lanes everywhere from department stores to gas stations. But some of the country’s largest retailers are now reconsidering the change and implementing new policies at self-checkout lanes across the country.

Retailers Walmart and Target are changing their self-checkout policies nationwide.

Here’s how those changes could affect Wisconsinites:

Is Target getting rid of self-checkout in Wisconsin?

The newly opened Target store in Bayshore, Glendale on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.  - Photo by Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA TODAY Network

Starting March 17, Target is introducing express self-checkout with a limit of 10 items or less at most of its nearly 2,000 stores nationwide, the company announced Thursday.

The company is opening more traditional lanes manned by employees for customers checking out more than 10 items. Store leaders will have the flexibility to open more lanes with employees and set self-checkout hours for their location. Self-checkout lanes will be available during the busiest shopping times, according to the release.

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