Taylor Swift Dominates MTV Video Music Awards with Four Big Wins

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The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards took place in the vibrant setting of New Jersey, showcasing a dazzling array of performances, a historic *NSYNC reunion, and a remarkable four wins for the renowned Taylor Swift. Among her achievements, Taylor Swift secured her fourth award of the night, the prestigious Video of the Year for her captivating creation, “Anti-Hero.” This masterpiece not only claimed the Video of the Year title but also triumphed as the Best Song, Best Direction, and Best Pop Video.

Radiating with enthusiasm, Swift remarked, “It truly feels like a once-in-a-lifetime journey,” while graciously accepting her second consecutive MTV Video of the Year award. The audience stood in awe as she continued, “I extend my sincere gratitude. I am genuinely overwhelmed.”

The evening’s inaugural award, Best Pop Video, also graced Swift’s collection and was presented during an iconic reunion featuring all five distinguished members of *NSYNC, reuniting on stage after a decade. Justin Timberlake, joined by Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, J.C. Chasez, and Joey Fatone, bestowed this honor. Swift, visibly taken aback, commented, “Transitioning from one sensation to another is quite a challenge,” as she accepted the accolade from the *NSYNC ensemble.

Continuing, she expressed, “There was a time when I possessed your collectibles. Is there an exceptional moment on the horizon? What lies ahead of us? The atmosphere is charged with anticipation, and I am enthusiastic about discovering it,” Swift contemplated. “You embody the essence of pop culture, and being honored with this award by your esteemed hands is an immensely profound privilege.”

The VMAs treated audiences to numerous captivating performances and bestowed special honors upon the esteemed Shakira and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Nicki Minaj, the VMAs’ host, debuted a fresh composition from her upcoming album, Pink Friday 2, and graced the stage with her latest single, “Last Time I Saw You.” She also claimed the Best Hip-Hop award for her track, “Super Freaky Girl.”

Overflowing with gratitude, Minaj declared, “I have a profound sense of appreciation,” upon receiving her award. She added, “I extend my heartfelt thanks to MTV for showcasing the realm of rap.”

Shakira, in a spirited 10-minute performance, gracefully danced her way through a medley of her timeless hits before receiving MTV’s prestigious Vanguard Video Award. This accolade is presented “in recognition of an artist’s comprehensive contributions to the realms of music and cinema, and occasionally, as a lifetime achievement acknowledgment,” as per MTV. Shakira, etching her name in history as the first South American and second Latina to receive this accolade, stands as the best-selling artist of all time, boasting a staggering 95 million records sold worldwide. In her acceptance speech, she extended her gratitude to those who have played pivotal roles in her visual journey and showered love upon her loyal fans.

Shakira shared, “I want to share this accolade with my ardent admirers, who have steadfastly supported me through thick and thin,” eliciting resounding cheers from the audience. Additionally, Shakira secured the MTV award for Best Collaboration, partnering with Karol G.

Renowned rapper, actor, and music producer Sean “Diddy” Combs received the coveted MTV Global Icon award, an accolade that commemorates an artist whose “unparalleled career and enduring influence have achieved a distinct level of global triumph in music and beyond.” At the age of 53, Combs, who was a nominee in four categories at this year’s ceremony, enthralled the audience with a medley of his chart-toppers, including “I’ll Be Missing You.” Combs is set to release The Love Album: Off the Grid on September 15. The Global Icon award was presented to him by his eldest daughter, Chance Combs, who enthusiastically exclaimed, “This is exceptional!”

Combs humorously commented, “We must persist in nurturing our dreams. I once harbored ambitions of playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but fate had different designs,” eliciting laughter from the audience. He wrapped up by saying, “I sincerely hope that each of you gets the chance to pursue your passions for three decades or beyond.”

The K-Pop award at the VMAs was clinched by Stray Kids for their single “S-Class,” marking their inaugural VMA victory. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Stray Kids also graced the stage with a captivating performance.

Bang Chan, accompanied by fellow band members Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N., conveyed their heartfelt sentiments, stating, “We have been crafting music since the inception of our journey, and receiving this accolade holds profound significance for us.”


In other award categories, the moon-shaped trophy for Best R&B went to SZA’s “Shirt,” though the artist was regrettably absent from the VMAs. Brazilian sensation Anitta emerged victorious in the Best Latin category with her track, “Funk Rave,” surpassing esteemed competitors like Shakira, Bad Bunny, and Karol G.

Anitta effusively expressed her gratitude, saying, “I extend my sincere appreciation to my loyal supporters. Without your unwavering support, I would be insignificant.” She also hinted at a promising future for Brazilian funk on the global stage.

The inaugural Best Afrobeats MTV award, marked by a fiercely competitive field, was claimed by Nigerian artist Rema for his remixed single, “Calm Down,” featuring Selena Gomez.

Rema articulated his sentiments, remarking, “This accomplishment carries immense significance, signifying the remarkable ascent of Afrobeats on the global stage.” He humbly acknowledged those who paved the way for his success, with Gomez expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate on the record.

The accolade for Best Rock was bestowed upon Måneskin, who also graced the stage with a compelling performance, while the title of Best New Artist was rightfully claimed by Ice Spice.


The nearly four-hour extravaganza featured a multitude of performances paying homage to the glorious legacy of Hip-Hop spanning five decades, featuring artists from a diverse spectrum of genres. The renowned rapper Lil Wayne, a pioneer in the music world, thrilled the crowd as he started the show at Newark’s Prudential Center with dynamic performances of “Uproar” and “Kat Food.” Subsequently, Olivia Rodrigo enthralled the spectators with her rendition of “Vampire,” the lead single from her sophomore opus, Guts.

The evening also witnessed a captivating reunion of Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, who delivered a scintillating performance of their recent collaborative release, “Bongos,” which had debuted just days prior. Furthermore, Demi Lovato dazzled with a rock-infused medley of her three chart-topping hits, including “Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” and “Cool for the Summer,” all of which are set to feature on her forthcoming album, Revamped.

Fall Out Boy took their performance outdoors, treating the audience to an exhilarating rendition of their revamped version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards unfolded as a truly spectacular event, celebrating the confluence of artistry, talent, and the indelible impact of music on our cultural landscape.

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